Being at the Beach

Being at the Beach

Being near the ocean has mental health benefits as well as physical ones. ... Staring out at the ocean can also result in a relaxing, meditative state, and can even change the frequency of brain waves to match that of the sea, putting you really in touch with nature. 

Most of us love being at the beach to bring us calm in our hectic life's that we all live day in and day out. Have you ever wondered why that is?

I have always been drawn to the ocean and spent time growing up along the west coast with my family enjoying the beach and all it's beauty. Love just being there whether it's to meditate, do yoga, read a book, or being with family and friends enjoying those moments playing music, games, and even having a drink every now and again. 

I get so relaxed and at one with nature while being at the beach. Even afterwards, I feel rejuvenated and refreshed. I'm amped to get things going again full force with life and goals. Being one with nature brings out the best in us!

This is where I created my all natural skincare & spa products using minerals from the sea and all natural ingredients that are amazing for you and your skin.

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