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  • In a session, the hypnotherapist typically induces a state of hypnosis -- a deep relaxation in which the mind is more open to suggestion -- by speaking soothingly. The provider then begins to make suggestions for how the client can change thinking and behavior to achieve desired goals and may help the client visualize the changes in detail. A session typically lasts a half hour to an hour, and most providers recommend three to eight sessions, depending on the client and the issue being addressed.
  • $111 per session with three to eight 30–60-minute sessions recommended for a total of $333 - $888 (min. two sessions per. Month).

Coaching Packages:

  • One Month Coaching:
    • Three 60-minute sessions with limited contact between sessions = $300.
    • Four 60-minute sessions with limited contact between sessions = $350.
    • Four 60-90-minute sessions with unlimited contact between sessions = $400.


  • Six Month Coaching:
    • One session per month for six months = $630 - $120 savings over purchasing individual sessions at $125.
    • One session every other week for six months = $1,170 - $330 savings.
    • One session every week for six months = $1,950 - $1,050 savings.


*Organic products to enhance self-care, relaxation, meditation kits, yoga kits will be available for additional cost upon request.